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Arun has always been very honest and straight forward while planning the shoots. He always put things as they are without mincing words, and as a result what we get is an excellent work of photography without much hassle.

- Adnan Tanveer

Arun has far exceeded our expectations, while capturing the products that we design and produce at our factory for international brands of cars and motor vehicles, exporting them all over the world. Each product was captured in all its fine details, and ever so beautifully, that it enhanced the overall quality of all our publicity material.

- Vipul Goyal
Goyal India

Arun Sharms is one of the few photographers I have seen, who can use available light so perfectly and effortlessly. He is just outstanding with outdoor shoots, making the best possible use of natural light, shade and shadows. Without doubt he is also one of the best portrait photographers in the breed of upcoming photographers.

- Tanushree Khandelwal


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